Sunday, 22 December 2013

Register your Bulgarian company online

If you wish to register your company online - without coming to us in the office, you must send us details of the main circumstances of your company, namely: company name, seat and address of management; full name of sole proprietor or partners, any personal data - addresses, personal numbers, ID Card data, distribution of shares between partners, the way of management and representation of your company, as well other details, if any.

After payment for the service, within 2 days you will receive via e-mail the documents we have prepared for the registration of your company, you shall print and sign the documents, then scan them in PDF or JPG format and return them to us by e-mail. Two of your documents need to be certified by the seal of the local notary public, namely: signature of the Director of the company and Power of attorney that allow us to form the statutory capital of the company and to file documents for its registration.