Sunday, 14 April 2013

Lijst van festivals in Bulgarije vanaf april 2013

Pancho Vladigerov International Piano and Violin Competition

April 27-May 5, 2013Shumen
7th International Festival of Arts "Talents' Rainbow"April 19-22,2013Plovdiv
10th National Competition "Folklore Necklace"April 20,2013Kotel
10th National Folklore Dance FestivalApril 27,2013Kotel
Orthodox Easter 2013May 05,2013Throughout Bulgaria
Ruse City celebrationsMay 05-06,2013Ruse
International Folklore Dance Festival " St George"May 06,2013Koprivshtica
Traditional Thracian Folklore Arts' Celebrations " Marash Sings"May 11-12,2013Straldza cl. Yambol
Antiquity Heritage Festival "Eeagle on the Danube"May 25-26, 2013Svishtov
Sofia Music WeeksMay 23 -June 26,2013Sofia
Salon of the ArtsMay 05-30,2013Varna
Gergiovden (St. George's Day)May 06,2013Throughout Bulgaria
35th International VARNA Choir CompetitionMay 16-19,2013 Varna
Salon of the ArtsMay 01-31,2013Sofia
National Folklore FestivalMay 17-19,2013Kostandovo cl.Rakitovo/Pazardjik
48th Folklore Festival “Colourful Trakiya Sings and Dances”May 18-19,2013Haskovo
Humour Carnival in GabrovoMay 18,2013Gabrovo
Museum's Day May 18,2013Throughout Bulgaria
48th Folklore Festival “Colourful Trakiya Sings and Dances”May 18-19,2013Haskovo
Festival of the Arts "Boris Christov"May 18-28,2013Sofia
Traditional Turkish Folklore FestivalMay 18,2013Demir Baba Teke/Isperich
St.St.Cyril and Methodius, Bulgarian Culture and Cyrillic Alphabet's DayMay 24,2013Throughout Bulgaria
"Peonia" Folklore Festival May 24,2013Bozhurishte cl. Sofia
Traditional Karakachan's FairMay 26,2013Monastery Meadow cl.Sopot/Plovdiv region
Regional  Rose Festival in KarlovoMay 31-June 01,2013Karlovo
Regional  Rose Festival in StrelchaJune 01,2013Strelcha cl.Ihtiman
21st Theatre Festival "Varna Summer"June 01-12,2013 Varna

Children's Folklore Songs & Dance Festival

June 01,2013

Kresna cl.Sandanski
14th International Choral Festival "Yanko Mustakov"June 01-30,2013Svishtov
8th International Folklore Dance Festival "Under the Rainbow, Together"June 01-02,2013Blagoevgrad
13th International Art Festival “Perperikon”June 01-30,2013Kardzhali - Perperikon
International Folklore Festival PlevenJune 01-30,2013Pleven
27th Opera Festival at the Ancient TheatreJune 01-July 31, 2013Plovdiv
International Folklore Festival "Montana 2012"June 22-27,2013Montana
International Chamber Music Festival in the Ethnographic MuseumJune 10-20,2013Plovdiv
Fire Dances (Nestinari) on St.St. Konstantine and Elena DayJune 02,2013Balgari village
Bourgas region
Rose FestivalJune 01-02,2013Kazanlak
International Choral Festival "Black Sea Sounds"June 05-09,2013Balchik
Festival of Roses and Mineral WaterJune 08-09,2013Pavel Banya cl.Kazanlak
44th Folklore Festival" The Golden Gadoulka (Rebeck)"June 16,2013Ruse
International Choral Festival "Vivaldi"June 21-23,2013Gabrovo
Enyovden - The Day of the Herbs & Nature June 21, 2013 Etara cl.Gabrovo
June 25-July 02, 2012Albena
12th Folklore Meeting
“Folklore without Boundaries” 
June 13-18,2013Albena-Dobrich
Festival of Roses and Mineral WaterJune 08-09,2013Pavel Banya cl.Karlovo

9th Children Folklore Fest “Rahovche”

June 24-30,2013Gorna Oriachovitza

International Music Festival
“Varna Summer 2013”

June 15-July 28, 2013Varna
Belogradchik Festival DaysJune 26-30,2013Belogradchik
Graovo Folklore Celebrations"Vidovden"June 28-30,2013Breznik-Pernik
12th National Children's Folklore FestivalJune 28-29,2013Dren cl.Radomir

7th International Folklore Festival "Pautalia"

June 28-30,2013

6th Regional Authentic Folklore Meeting"Vitoshko"July 06,2013Kladnica cl. Pernik
International Ethno-Jazz Festival "July Jazz"July 06-30,2013Smolyan
International Folklore Festival "Silver Buckle"July 01-31,2013Kyustendil
Summer Opera Festival "Stage of the Ages" Tsarevets FortressJuly 01-30, 2013Veliko Tarnovo
16th International Folklore FestivalJuly 20-27,2013 Veliko Tarnovo
Dorkovo 2013 - 15th International Authentic Folklore FestivalJuly 26-28,2013Dorkovo near Pazardzhik
International Jazz FestivalJuly 26-29,2013Varna
Regional Festival "Golden Peach"July 26,2013Gavrailovo cl.Sliven
Orphyc Mysteries FestivalJuly 27,2013Trigrad
19th International Folklore FestivalJuly 29-August 2,2013Pleven
3rd International Vocal Festival "Crystal Voices"July 30-August 03, 2013Primorsko
International Folklore Festival "Dorkovo 2013"August 1-3,2013Dorkovo cl.Velingrad
Apolonia Art FestivalAugust 01,2013 September 30Sozopol
Bagpipes Music CompetitionAugust 03-05,2013Gela near Chepelare
International Folklore FestivalAugust 03-08,2013Varna
International Jazz FestivalAugust  08-13,        2013Bansko
Varna's City CelebrationsAugust 15,2013Varna
Brass Bands Festival "Diko Iliev"August 15-18,2013Oryahovo cl.Vratza
International Folklore FestivalAugust           2013Burgas
Traditional Folklore Costumes FestivalAugust 16-18,2013Zheravna
3rd Folklore Festival "Nestia"August 17-18,2013Sapareva banya
10th International Children's Folklore FestivalAugust 22-25,2013Dve Mogili cl. Ruse
The Wedding Rituals FestivalAugust 24-25,2013Etara
11th International Folklore FestivalAugust 26 - 31, 2013Primorsko
Opera FestivalAugust 30-31,2013Bansko
International Art Festival "Nestia - Tzarevo"August 31- September 2,2013Tzarevo
Autumn Salon of the Arts &CraftsSeptember 01-30, 2013 Ruse
International Theatre Festival - “Stage on a Crossroad”September 10-23,2013Plovdiv
Autumn Salon of the ArtsSeptember 01- October31,2013Plovdiv
Sound of the Ages FestivalSeptember 01- October31,2013 Plovdiv
12th International Folk Arts and Crafts FestivalSeptember 06-08,2013Etara near Gabrovo
4th International Festival "Music days at the Balabanov's House"September 1-October 30,2013Plovdiv
Festival in the Valley of the Thracian KingsSeptember 2013Kazanlak
Autumn Salon of the Folk ArtsSeptember 02-05,2013Sopot
18th International Youth Music FestivalSeptember 04-13,2013Albena-Dobrich
Plovdiv City Celebrations- Unification DaySeptember 06,2013Plovdiv
3rd National Authentic Folklore Fest "Strandzha"September 06-08,2013Primorsko
International Festival of Folklore Instruments and Dances "Radnevo 2013"September 05-08,2013Radnevo
Chamber Music DaysSeptember 09-16,2013Gabrovo
Traditional Roma Culture & Roma Traditions FestivalSeptember 17,2013Sopot
Autumn Art ExhibitionsSeptember 01-30,2013Old Plovdiv
International Festival of Military OrchestrasSeptember 19-24,2013Veliko Tarnovo
National Folklore Festival "Sea of Rhythms"September 20-22,2013Balchik
2 0 1 2  
Bansko City's CelebrationsOctober 05, 2012 Bansko
2nd Dance Festival KyustendilOctober 06,2012Kyustendil
International Folklore Festival "Maleshevo Sings and Dances"October 2 0 1 2Mikre cl.Strumyani/ Dupnitza
Thracian Choir FestivalOctober 12-14,2012Yambol
10th International Festival of Spirital MusicOctober 12-14,2012Gabrovo
International Festival of Male Voice Choirs"St. John of Rila"October 21-23,2012Dupnica
Art Photography FestivalOctober 2012Plovdiv
Plovdiv Jazz EveningsOctober 2012Plovdiv
36th Musical Festival “Nedyalka Simeonova”  International Competition for Young ViolinistsOctober 19-21,2012Haskovo
International Competition for Violinists "Emil Kamilarov"October 2012Sofia
5th Regional Folklore Music competition "Golden Nightingale"October 27,2012Gabrovo
5th Piano Competition “Schumann – Brahms”Oct. 31-Nov.11,2012Plovdiv
 Day of the Leaders of the Bulgarian National Revival November 01,2013 Throughout Bulgaria
International Pianists Competition
“Franz Schubert”
November 2012Ruse
Annual Plovdiv Artists' ExhibitionsDecember 01-31,2013Plovdiv
Traditional Christmas Salon of the ArtsDecember 05-23,2012Varna
Sofia New Year's FestivalDecember-January 2013Sofia
Festival of Christmas Carol Singing
December 25,2012Yambol