Sunday, 17 November 2013

BULGARIA: List of the papers that have to be present in the labour file

1. Labour contract – you already know about it J (2 – 1 for the employer and 1 for the worker);
2. Job description – according to the law every employee should be made familiar with his responsibilities before he can start working (2 – 1 for the employer and 1 for the worker);
3. Application for employment – by this act the employee is asking to be officially hired (1 – for the employer);
4. Notification from the National Revenue Agency – before the employee can start working he should sign and confirm that he has received one copy of this document ( 2 – 1 for the employee and 1 for the employer);
5. Agreement for business trip longer than 30 day (art. 121 of the Labour Code) – this is needed because a Bulgarian company cannot send a worker abroad without his written agreement to be sent for more than 30 days (1 – for the employer);
6. Business trip order – as you know, this is very important document; it is needed also for the issuing of A1 certificate;
7. Note for initial instruction on safe and healthy work conditions (1 – for the employer);
8. Application for paid leave – we need at least 3 sign copies of that document because otherwise each time that someone is using a paid leave, he should come in our office and sign that paper;
9. Application for unpaid leave – for the same reason as the previous (3 –for the employer);
10. Schedule for paid annual leave – each year until December 31 the employer is obliged to approve a schedule for the next year (1 – for the employer);
11. Copy of the ID card of the worker – it is not enough for us to have the copy, a special text should be added by the worker: in Bulgarian it is -  Вярно с оригинала. Съгласен съм с направеното копие.; and in English – True to the original. I agree with the copy.; and after that the copy has to be signed by the worker below the text;
12. Medical examination list – it is a must especially for construction workers and those who are working in the food industry;
13. Certificate from the Court – it proves that the criminal record of the worker is clean;
14. Labour Book – if the employee does not have one, the employer can buy him new one only on condition that this is his (of the employee) first job. In that case the employee should sign a special declaration;
15. Certificate for a bank account in a Bulgarian bank – this is needed for our accountancy;
16. Application for termination of employment (art. 325 of the Labour Code – mutually agreed termination of the contract) and Order for termination of employment – we can ask the workers to sign this application in advance; the same goes for  the order; this is made as a precaution in case that some of the workers is causing you problems and his testing period has expired. (2 application and 2 orders – one for the employee and on for the employer);
17. A1 request – the last page of the request should be signed by the workers (we need  1 original of that last page so that we can submit the application for A1);
18. Receipts for received payment  - usually we use them to prove that the workers have received their business trip amounts (we need at least 3 of them)